Garrett Kuge – Coach

Garrett Kuge – Coach

I have never been considered “athletic,” I didn’t play sports growing up and was the clumsy one. My husband’s job required him to workout so he basically dragged me along to CrossFit by telling me how much fun it was. For the first three months I cried after almost every WOD. I was constantly dropping weights on my feet, falling off the rig, scraping my shins on the boxes etc. I started setting small goals and as I met each goal, I realized the feeling of accomplishment was what kept me coming back for more. After about two years I started considering getting certified to coach. I love that moment when I’m showing someone a lift and they all of sudden “get it” and the bar becomes weightless and they surprise themselves – I still get goose bumps every time!

  • CrossFit-Level 1
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Online Certs: Scaling and Judging
  • BSBA Hawaii Pacific University

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