Eric Seifert – Coach

Eric Seifert – Coach

Born in Maryland, raised in Delaware, and back to Maryland. Graduated from Mt. St. Mary’s University with a degree in Business. I have spent the majority of my professional career in law enforcement. I began my Crossfit journey after arriving in Baltimore 2 years ago and never looked back. I could not wait to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with this incredible growing community.

To say that fitness is apart of my life would be an understatement. Growing up, I did anything and everything that kept me busy and out of the classroom. As I got older I found my passion in martial arts and lacrosse. Passion grew to love and eventually I was fortunate enough to join a Division I lacrosse program. Through the years I have been a professional lifeguard, a Drill Instructor, a coach and more importantly an on-going student of fitness.

“The way is in training”

–Miyamoto Musashi

Crossfit is more than just a gym. It’s more than weights, a class, and a program. Crossfit is a way of life. By definition, Crossfit is constantly varied, fully functional, high intensity training. What does that mean? That means we are training for life, for all of the known and the unknown. From ages 10-100 we are preparing to live long, happy and healthy lives. You become a part of a team that share in trials and tribulations of growth and health. There’s no magic formula for success, no cult or special club, just real people, working hard and caring.

As someone that has spent most of their life learning and training, I can tell you with confidence, there is nothing like this thing we call Crossfit and there is no better place than True Core CrossFit. True Core and its staff provide all the necessary tools to thrive on our path to fitness. I am truly excited to grow, learn and share with this community. Let’s get to work…

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