May Athlete of the Month – Krista Sandoval

Congrats to our May Athlete of the Month, Krista Sandoval!!! 
Krista joined True Core last Summer and has not stopped putting her best foot forward every day she walks in the door! From her welcoming smile, to constant determination, to amazing energy, to desire for growth, Krista is ALWAYS working on being her best self.  She recently joining our Olympic lifting classes to improve her technique, and mobility class to help with range of motion. Krista is always looking to see just what her body can do.  The countless PRs she and accomplishments she has had, speak directly to all the hard work she put in. Congrats Krista!! We are happy you are part of True Core! It wouldn’t be the same without you!!
1) How did you get started in CrossFit?
I have played sports from the time I was 4 or 5 (attempted soccer and gymnastics), then played softball, basketball, and field hockey through high school and field hockey in college.  After I graduated college and gained the grad school—20 or 30, I attempted to get back into shape on my own, but nothing challenged me enough to help.  After I got my first job and being motivated by co-workers, I signed up for a biggest loser contest.  We did Insanity, Zumba, etc. and I realized I was really motivated by working out with a group of friends and that I needed a goal to work toward.  I even convinced Albert to sign up for a biggest loser contest through the local Y and we finished 1 and 2 (of course he was #1).  After that was over, I struggled to stay motivated on my own and grew bored of working out at the Y or running by myself.  A friend asked me to try a new workout with her.  I had never heard of CrossFit back then (fall of 2012), but was always looking for ways to be active.  It turned out to be exactly what I had been looking for!  I have never been so sore and so happy at the same time in my life during the first two weeks and decided that I never want to be that sore again and that I always wanted to be that happy….and so I was hooked.  It is everything I need in a workout and in finding a community who is as equally motivating as caring.  This is my team sport and I am so lucky to have you all as my teammates!

2) What brought you into True Core?
I CrossFitted in Easton, MD (CrossFit Nation) for about 2 1/2 years and someone who attended Nation opened a box in Cambridge last summer.  I was so excited to have a CrossFit I could run to!  Albert surprised me for my birthday and decided to join as well since he had to continue to listen to me say how amazing it was.  I got a new job over here and we decided to move to Annapolis.  Thank goodness we met an awesome coach (now owner of FiveFold CrossFit in Cambridge).  We were overwhelmed with having to choose a CrossFit, but he told us how amazing Shannon and her box were.  As soon as we walked in to check it out, we knew True Core was the right box for us!  Shannon was so energetic and Scott was so welcoming to us and took time to show us wodify that we just had to keep coming back!

3) What do you feel your best accomplishment is since joining True Core?
Participating in and feeling great about the Open this year!  I haven’t been able to participate in an open yet..I just officially joined CrossFit about a month before the open and was too intimidated to participate.  Then, I tore my ACL and both meniscus and had surgery in February 2014 and was not ready to participate.  With Nation’s and FiveFold’s help during my recovery and with True Core coaches checking in with me and pushing me to try new things I was even able to get some PR’s during the open!

4) What goals are you still working on achieving?
I still am working toward strict pull ups and handstand push ups.  It took me almost 3 years to get a kipping pull up, but with the True Core coaches taking the time to work with me, I feel closer than ever!

5) What do you like best about being part of the True Core Community?

There are so many great things about the True Core community, so I will do my best to try to put all those great things into words!  All the coaches really take the time to check in with you, keep you safe, make sure you are feeling good, work on technique, and modify any movement needed.  Not only do they care about your physical health, but they also care about your mental health.  True Core is an amazing community to be part of; everyone truly cheers for everyone and gets excited for each others achievements and hard work.

All the friendships we have developed and continue to develop are more amazing than words can ever describe.  True Core has made us feel like we belong in Annapolis and I can’t imagine moving here and not having all of you to spend almost every day with!  Life would be pretty boring without True Core and all the amazing coaches and members!  I have developed so many True friendships with True Core members…every day, I 1.  look forward to seeing my friends and 2.  look forward to working out with my friends.  No matter how bad a day I may have had, I can count on my True Core friends to make sure I am feeling better before I leave.  It is a one of a kind feeling to have a place to go that can make you instantly happy and to be able to go to this place every day.

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