June Athlete of the Month – Mandy Gitt

Congrats to our June Athlete of the Month, Mandy Gitt!


Mandy has been with True Core almost since the doors first opened.  Every time she walks in the door she does so with a smile, laughter, and general great attitude.  We have always noticed Mandy’s determination and hard work, however, it has been the last 6+ months that she has really blow us away! Mandy has continued to workout several times a week through her pregnancy, and never seems to quit.  She completes each workout, with modifications when needed, and listens to her body on what she needs to be doing.  Mandy is an inspiration to every other member in class, showing that we can all do CrossFit even 8 months pregnant! No to mention her AMAZING deadlift strength that constantly blows the coaches away! Congrats Mandy! We feel so lucky to have you a part of our community! True Core wouldn’t be the same without you!

1) How did you get started in CrossFit?

A friend recommend I try it out after complaining about my latest failed attempt at a gym membership.

2) What brought you into True Core?

The coaches!!! They are constantly encouraging and challenging me. I truly believe it’s their mentorship, and guidance that’s allowed me to safely workout throughout my pregnancy.

3) What do you feel your best accomplishment is since joining True Core?

My overall physical health. I’ve seen great improvement in my overall physical strength and stamina. It’s been fantastic to be more self-reliant, confident and physically active in my life.

4) What goals are you still working on achieving? 

Upper body strength. After this baby comes, I really want to focus on working toward achieving a strict pull up.

5) What do you like best about being part of the True Core Community? 

The supportive community of athletes and coaches. Everyone has been extremely encouraging and supportive before and during my pregnancy. I’m constantly inspired by the comradery, support, and community outreach of this box. It’s been wonderful meeting new friends and getting to know people in this community.

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