July Athlete of the Month – Shaun Hall!

Congrats to our July Athlete of the Month, Shaun Hall!!! 


Shaun has been with True Core for the past several months, and in that time we have seen so much progress! Shaun has made it a point to attend our 6 am class several times each week. Even with the craziness of life, two small children, and work, Shaun is a regular always working, always pushing, always trying to learn! It has been a pleasure not only to get to know Shaun but to see him kicking butt each day in class! Great job Shaun, keep up the amazing work!!

  • How did you get started in CrossFit?
  • I turned 35 this year and started thinking about what I wanted my life to look like when I’m 40. One of the areas of my life that I’ve always struggled in was my physical health; therefore, I decided that now was the time to focus on that. With my two boys (6 years old and 11 months old) getting older, I want to be able to keep up with them as they get into sports and other activities. Our recent arrival from California afforded the opportunity to get a “fresh start” and try new things. So, in lieu of making another failed attempt at going to a gym on my own, I decided to give CrossFit a try. Although a bit intimidating at first (all new things are)… it has turned out to be a decision I’m glad I made!
  • What brought you into True Core?
  • Yelp! I did a little research on CrossFit Boxes and was concerned about joining an overly competitive location. After reading some reviews of various locations, including this one, I decided to give this one a try. I took the free intro class and haven’t looked back! The people were friendly and encouraging from Day 1… even to out-of-shape guys like me. 🙂 There are people from all walks of life here and there’s nothing but support and encouragement from fellow athletes and coaches. They also push you more than you’d push yourself and never let you sandbag a workout.
  • What do you feel your best accomplishment is since joining True Core?
  • I’ve only been a part of the community for a few short months now, but in that time I’ve definitely increased my flexibility/mobility and strength. I could barely do a basic squat properly when I started and now I’m doing them with weight. I still have a long way to go, but the progress I’m seeing and feeling is keeping me coming back. My other “best accomplishment” is being able to get up and get to the 6am class 3-4 times per week consistently… it’s tiring at times, but I never have regrets after completing the workout.
  • What goals are you still working on achieving?
  • Pull-up! As a testament to my lack of fitness, I’ve never been able to do a single unaided pull-up in my 35 years of existence (overweight + low strength = no pull-ups). I think once I am able to get that first one in, sometime down the road, I will honestly be able to say that I’m in the best shape of my life.

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