October Athlete of the Month – Jessi Washington!

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Jessi has been with True Core for a little over 6 months. However, prior to that Jessi was coming in with RWB every month for their 2nd Saturday workout.  Through really the last 10 months, we have watched Jessi tackle challenge after challenge, only to get stronger each day.  Her constant desire to push herself and achieve new goals inspires all of us at True Core.  Jessi brings a sense of laughter and fun to each class she is a part of.  Between “Jock Jams” during 630 class and classic dance moves, Jessi help make True Core the fun family that it is. Congrats Jessi!  

1) How did you get started in CrossFit?

I had always had an interest in CrossFit but never enough to actually do anything about it. It wasn’t until I came to my first RWB event which happened to be the monthly WOD at True Core with Shannon. I was introduced to both the RWB and True Core families and was immediately hooked. I have always been an athlete and didn’t realize how much I missed that feeling of camaraderie and companionship you find in team sports until I went to that first WOD.

2) What do you feel your best accomplishment is since joining True Core?

ROPE CLIMBS!!! Being able to reach the top that first time was hands down one of the most proud moments of my life. I remember the very first time Shannon had me work on rope climbs and I remember laughing recognizing my complete lack of upper body strength and just knowing I wasn’t going to be able to do it. I remember what a challenge it was to even hold on to the rope long enough to find my footing.  But with a little patience and A LOT of great coaching – I progressed little by little. Now looking down from 20 feet up in the air, knowing I’m strong enough to pull myself up there, is truly an amazing feeling.

3) What goals are you still working on achieving? 

22 consecutive push-ups that will pass PFT standards and the ever elusive hand stand push ups – one day I wont be afraid of the big bad wall 😉

4) What do you like best about being part of the True Core Community? 

When something has so many positives, its hard to narrow it down to just one thing but if I have to choose – I would say its the sense of family. Not only are the coaches some truly remarkable people, but the members as well. Everyone is so encouraging and truly cares about each other. We like to see each other succeed. PRs aren’t personal – the excitement is shared by everyone. We’re quick to motivate and keep pushing each other along. I’ve had plenty of bad days but that’s quickly countered with encouragement and positive feedback from the coaches and teammates to keep at it. We have each others backs at all times and that’s something you don’t find just anywhere. I feel truly blessed that Shannon was able to build this amazing community and I get to be a part of it 🙂 

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