June Athlete of the Month – Sara Thomas!



Sara has been with True Core CrossFit since February. Sara, and her husband Brendon, started CrossFit in 2014 at CrossFit South River then took she a two year hiatus when her baby, Ebie, was born. Since joining True Core, Sara is one of the most consistent 4:30 athletes. She is dedicated to coming in and working on her weaknesses, even when she knows she won’t like the WOD. Sara is constantly encouraging everyone around her and always has a positive attitude. Sara is always a pleasure to have in class – she is coachable, fun, determined and always has a smile. Congratulations Sara! We are lucky to have you.

How did you get started in CrossFit? 
I first started CrossFit in 2014 when I heard about it from another teacher at my school, John Klessinger.

What do you feel your best accomplishment is since joining True Core? 
Being able to get the same and more weight up than I could before Ebie has been my best accomplishment this spring. Also, being able to do some workouts RX has been an accomplishment!

What goals are you still working on achieving? 
I want to be able to do a pull-up! I also want to PR my back and front squat, dead lift and push press.

What do you like best about being part of the True Core Community? 
I love that I’m always challenged to do my personal best. I may not be able to lift as much as many athletes (yet!), but I always feel proud of the progress I make, and that’s because of the team we have at True Core. And no matter what kind of day I’m having, everyone is genuinely encouraging and friendly, and I always feel motivated by others.

I am proud that my husband and i are able to raise Ebie in a community that cares about health and fitness, and that all set examples for our children through our dedication to CrossFit. I’m also proud that I don’t feel like I’m going to die anymore after Shannon’s warm-ups or after WODs with the Assault Bike!

I would also like to give thanks to the awesome coaches here. I certainly would not be where I am without the coaches at True Core, especially Shannon and Danny because they are usually my coaches at the 4:30 class. 🙂

Congratulations Sara!

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