July Athlete of the Month – Donald Kuge



Donald has been with True Core since summer of 2015, but he’s been crossfitting since about 2012. Donald is one of our most active members in the gym, but most don’t ever see him since he comes to the early morning classes. Last year he won the True Core Wodify award for the most comments and likes by an athlete at our gym! He was very proud. All kidding aside, I was very excited Donald was chosen this month. He comes in and gives 100% every single class attends. He helps out other athletes when he can and is always around to give a fist bump after a particularly brutal WOD. He puts up with my harassing him with a smile on his face and then has an ability to turn on his game face and get to work. Congratulations Donald, well deserved! (by Coach Garrett, his wife)

How did you get started in CrossFit? 
Since I’m in the military I’ve always had a PT program until moving to Maryland in 2012.  For a while I relied on running thinking that would keep me in shape and although I stayed in decent shape I found it boring.  So one day I saw a rerun of the CrossFit games and thought well I can do that but took another 2 months to convince myself to try it and dragged my wife in with me to give it a go!  We’ve been hooked ever since!

How did you find True Core? 
When CrossFit South River (my first real CrossFit gym) closed a couple years ago, I needed to find somewhere new. Having met Shannon and some of the other members at local competitions, I thought they seemed like a good group of people.  Within the first few classes I knew True Core was where I wanted to be. The friendly atmosphere and strong programming have kept me coming back.

What do you feel your best accomplishment is since joining True Core? 
My back squat started off real low so getting it up above 300 has been a major goal achieved.

What goals are you still working on achieving? 
Hmm lots but I guess the best would be to concentrate a little more on my snatch and hit 185.

What do you like best about being part of the True Core Community? 
I enjoy the programming and all the community stuff we do together like competitions and Bros & Brews! When’s the next one Danny??

Dead lift: 405#
Snatch: 165#
Bench Press: 235#
Clean: 240#
Favorite WOD: Helen
Least favorite WOD: Kalsu!
Power movements or Full: Full on both, I love the catch.
Favorite Food:  Mahi Fish tacos
Favorite CrossFit memory: Flex on the Mall in DC in 2015.  Good weather, good friends, and some fun workouts!

Congratulations Donald!

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