Congrats, Ann Warfield, Athlete of The Month

Congrats, Ann Warfield, Athlete of The Month

Ann Warfield has been with us since December of 2015.  Ann is someone you can really rely on with her constant smile and never ending encouragement here at True Core CrossFit. We look forward to her walking through that front door for the 9:30 am or 12:15 class! Not to mention how many PR’s she continues to get and all of the workouts that she crushes! Ann is the type of workout buddy that is an incredible friend day in and day out.

How did you get started in CrossFit and​ what brought you into True Core?

One day I drove by and saw a small sign for Truecore Crossfit on the side of the road and decided to see what it was all about. My first workout was 5 mins and 38 seconds of misery! Now I can routinely withstand 12 mins of Crossfit fun.​

What do you feel is your best accomplishment since joining True Core?

Two plate one mat strict HSPU is my greatest accomplishment (I can hang with the guys on this one, many of which are 20 years younger than me)

What are some goals you are still working to achieve?

I know I need to work on my leg strength, and I will try to embrace squats both front and back


What do you like best about being a part of the True Core community?

​Watching other people’s success. True Core is inspiring! Everywhere I look I see people improving. ​Ann says, “Well what an honor this is! I enjoy my CrossFit experience so much it is hard to know where to begin. True Core is way more than an exercise program. It has built my confidence, brightened my life, broadened my ambitions, inspired me to look, feel, and think differently; a total empowerment program. Please let Shannon know that she helps people in ways far beyond physical fitness and that I expect True Core will continue to be a great success and reward for all involved.”


Check out some of Ann’s favorite accomplishments:​

9 unbroken strict pull-ups

8 unbroken strict HSPU

8 unbroken strict chest to bar

Bench press 1 rep max 130 (that’s 12# more than I weigh!) ***This was a short term goal for Ann just last year when she was still 20# from reaching body weight, WAY TO GO ANN!!!

Favorite WOD: the Murph challenge

Least Favorite WOD: anything with the assault bike or prowler


Ann adds, “These are all little things that True Core brings to my world. But the real magic comes from being around a group of people who choose to be better and to try harder even when life isn’t sunny. And it really is magic!​”​

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