Athlete of The Month: Austin B.

Athlete of The Month: Austin B.

1. How did you get started in CrossFit?

– Mom brought me almost every day before I was born, and at first she didn’t even know I was tagging along!

2. What brought you into True Core?

– I initially came in with mom and dad to cheer them on during their workouts. Once I was crawling, I started off with some yoga and RomWods, then graduated to my own scaled workouts as soon as I could walk.

3.What do you feel is your best accomplishment since joining True Core?

– 20 pounds of lean muscle! Mom and dad are great food coaches and shared their secret: eat healthy and often!

4. What are some goals you are still working to achieve?

– To continue improving my strength. A proper overhead squat has remained illusive, but I really want to get a rope climb!

5. What do you like best about being a part of the True Core community?

– Most generous group of (mostly) grown-ups ever, and the kids are really friendly. Never a shortage of people cheering you on and carrying you, literally, when you’re struggling.


Dead lift, Snatch, Bench Press, Clean?

– Max’d out on my junior Lifesaver bar 💪🏼

Favorite WOD?

– Snatches, burpees, and napping for time

Least favorite WOD?

– Anything in the kids room, but just for the first 30 seconds then it’s not that bad.

Favorite Food?

– Yes! Pizza, cheese, and whatever everyone else is having.

Favorite CrossFit memory?

– Seeing burpees done by the class for the first time, and nailing my first attempt at them…the support I received was unforgettable.

Anything else you’re proud of?

– Supporting my own head at 1 day old and standing at 1 week…no doubt attributed to training with mom for 9 months prior. She’s my motivation!

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