Competition- Whats your game plan?

The desire to compete is alive and well at True Core. It is becoming hard to find a local competition where the True Core Crew isn’t represented. When it’s time for you to get your team together, remember these simple things to set yourself up for success:

  1. Focus Only on What You Can Control

You will not have any control over who your judge is, what lane you are assigned, or the movements that are programmed. You will get a “no rep” that you don’t deserve. Other teams will get away with questionable reps. Let it go. Worrying about these aspects of the competition is a waste of time. What can you control? You can control your effort. This includes team communication, transitions, responses to adversity, and an awareness to change the plan if it isn’t working.

  1. Maximize Your Potential

Competing isn’t about getting in a good workout or making sure all the team members contribute equally. It’s about maximizing potential and scoring points. Each team member will have different strengths and weaknesses that need to be managed to obtain the best results. Dividing the work equally rarely accomplishes this. If a teammate is moving too slow or struggling with a movement, do not hesitate to remove their workload. This isn’t a partner WOD, this is competition.

  1. Take One Workout at a Time

There will be multiple workouts in a day. At most competitions, the workouts are announced ahead of time. This is a trap, do not fall into it. You do not strategize for the day. You strategize for each event. Each workout must be compartmentalized and attacked as if it is the only workout of the day.

  1. Stop Competing

I know this sounds crazy, but to be good in a competition, you need to stop competing daily at the gym. When you are in competition, you look for every shortcut and naturally fall into the easiest, most comfortable movement patterns. For most of us, these movement patterns are inefficient and problematic. If at the end of every WOD, you look at Wodify to see your score or you constantly push to beat the person next to you, you’re doing it wrong. Each WOD should be used to make yourself better, to move more efficiently, or to practice those things at which we do not excel. Take a step back today and work on technique. When competition time comes around, you will have progressed by leaps and bounds.

-Coach Danny


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