Why I CrossFit

I found CrossFit like so many of you did, trying to fill a void left from years of team sports. After I stopped playing college softball I wasn’t really sure what to do with all my time, not to mention missing the camaraderie I had grown up with.

The first time I walked in CrossFit gym I saw people sweating, dropping bars grunting, cursing, and I was like whoa is this where I want to be? The answer was of course was hell yes! It only took one introductory class before is completely hooked. I knew I found not only form of exercise but, a stress outlet and most importantly community.

Through the last 8 years that’s exactly what CrossFit has been to me. It has been a home when my own home felt shaky. It has been a gym when I really needed to throw some weights around. It’s been a group of friends when I felt at my loneliest. It is been my happy place. The progress I’ve seen in myself since finding CrossFit has been not just physical but mental. I remember the very first time I ever did a handstand push-up, I thought oh my god I can actually do this!

The shift in self-perception since I found CrossFit has been incredible. It’s not just getting stronger or faster, it’s learning what your body can actually do and what your mind is capable of. Overcoming fears, achieving goals, building relationships, all of it has altered how I view the world and myself.

I hope True Core does just a little that for you. The True Core family is so much more than just a group of people coming in to get a workout. It’s camaraderie, support, friendship, fun, and good old soul feeding joy. My CrossFit story is like so many of yours. Trying to find my next phase of life, I stumbled into a random gym, and got so much more than I was expecting.

Coach Shannon

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