Sweet Summertime

Happy Summer True Core Crew! Here at True Core, we love fitness year round. But we particularly love summertime fitness! Doors open, music pumping, fans on blast… nothing quite gets our fitness going like some good fresh air! Remember to hydrate, wear sun protection, and position yourself near a fan. (haha)

With summer comes vacation! Whether you’re headed for the beach, the lake, or the bay… there is always a fun way to get your workout in when you aren’t at your home gym! If you are new to CrossFit and haven’t “dropped in” to another affiliate while you are out of town, now is the time! There is an affiliate finder map on CrossFit’s main site that can help you find a box where you can get a good workout in on the road. Most boxes love visitors and just ask that you shoot them an email in advance so they know you are coming. It’s a great way to get to know the locals while you are visiting an area and ask for insider information on where to eat and play during your stay!

Don’t feel like heading to the gym on your trip, or not a gym close enough to where you are staying… that’s OK too! Ask any of our coaches for some workouts you can do on the road and they will have tons of ideas for you! When in doubt 100 burpees for time usually gets the job done! Being away from home gives you an opportunity to mix up your fitness as well. You can go for a swim in the ocean, a nice long run along a boardwork, bike some trails, paddleboard, kayak, surf… you name it!

And don’t feel guilty if you just want to use your vacation to chill and be lazy. That is OK! It is YOUR VACATION after all! We’ve talked about the importance of mental and physical rest before so taking a week off to enjoy family and friends is nothing to feel ashamed about!

No matter what your plans are, we hope you have a great summer!

We will see you in the gym!

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