Our Story

What Does True Core Mean?

When I decided to take a risk and open True Core, my purpose was not to make a lot of money or achieve a ton of fame.  The goal behind opening our doors was to create a safe, welcoming, encouraging environment for all who walked through it.  

We use fitness and community to help people recognize their truest selves. The name True Core stems from desire to have each one of our members embrace who they are deep down.  So many times in today’s society we are told who we “should be” or what we “should look like.”  At True Core we want to encourage you to be your truest self, who you are at your core.  No matter your background, age, fitness level, or status, we offer you a safe fun place to come each day, challenge yourself and grow. 

So embrace your most authentic self, take a chance and find out just what is at your True Core. 

-Shannon Engelking, Owner, Founder & Head Coach

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