Benefits of CrossFit

What can you expect when committing to CrossFit?


Let’s face it: committing to work out can be a challenge. Committing to a CrossFit workout takes some extra fortitude. But, when you work out in a group that has the same goals, it’s actually fun! True Core CrossFit in Annapolis fosters a great community experience where members support each other through workouts. Instead of dreading the gym, you look forward to seeing your friends!

Weight Loss

High-Intensity varied functional movements says it all. You burn calories and work parts of your body you didn’t know could get sore. By committing to an intense workout regimen, you’re likely to be more motivated to improve your diet. Try doing 30 burpees after having fettucini alfredo for lunch!


The great thing about CrossFit is that you feel and see results quickly! After your first workout, you’ll know it worked. Your muscles will ache, your feel-good hormones will be running high, and your sense of accomplishment will be soaring. Pretty soon, you’ll be setting goals for back squat weight, “Fran” times, and box jump height!

Every Day Movements Get Easier

CrossFit is all about functional movement. Yes, it’s great that you can deadlift a ton of weight. But what about OUTSIDE the gym? You’ll actually volunteer to help your friends move furniture. You’ll begin to notice that the thing you used to dread become a lot easier and your golden retriever isn’t so heavy!

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