I started at True Core in April of 2016. I went after hearing my parents talk about their new gym. After tired of looking the way I did from years of inactivity, I needed a physical and mental change. I played sports my whole life, and knew that at 33 I needed to change my lifestyle, or I would have a future of health issues.

It started with my mindset. I had to become determined and consistent. No more excuses! Just do it! Athletics had always provided a coach who was on my diet and weight lifting program, but that was years ago, and I didn’t have the intrinsic motivation to do so otherwise. So in April, I said “I’m going to get up before work. Go to the gym for 6 am. Then go straight in. Start my day right.”

A year and a half later, I’ve gone from a size 40 pants to a size 34, and 218 pounds to 205 pounds. Going to the gym three times a week, and five in the summer (year one) consistently. Even when I’m out of town, I find an affiliate gym to go to. For 60 days this summer, I ate lean meats and vegetables, with fruit in the mornings and a serving of cashews or walnuts. No carbs, no dairy, no grains or processed foods. No cheat days, but a cheat meal on Saturday. I did intermittent fasting from 12 to 8. Doing all of this with fidelity led to me “shrinking” and I saw the results I wanted.

The CrossFit community has been and is welcoming regardless where I go, but especially at True Core.

All this to say thank you to True Core, Shannon, and definitely Coach Garrett who has been there since day one.

Brittney Before

Where do I begin, I started CrossFit almost 5 years ago for my job and haven’t looked back. I can still remember one of my first WOD’s was Fight Gone Bad. I absolutely hated everything about it, but I decided to go back and give the next WOD a try. After I figured out what I was doing and that I had some potential at being decent I loved everything about CrossFit.


Brittney Now



I have the luxury of traveling all over the world and get to drop in at several different boxes. Nothing compares to True Core CrossFit (TC2) When I walk in the doors here it feels just like home. I can’t even describe how amazing the people and community are at TC2. They’re my second family!

Last but most certainly not least, the coaches at True Core CrossFit. You ladies and gents are the best! I have learned so much from each and everyone of you! Shannon I can’t say enough about how amazing you are. You motivate me everyday at the gym to be my best self as an athlete!

Growing up I was never involved in any particular sport or physical activities.  When I turned 30 I became increasingly concerned about my weight and sedentary lifestyle. I tried several different types of group fitness classes, gym memberships, and diet programs with little to no success. I became bored  and frustrated. I joined CrossFit and it changed my outlook on my personal health and fitness.  My coaches are constantly challenging and encouraging me to be a stronger healthier me. True Core CrossFit scales workouts accordingly to meet the individual needs and safety for all level of athletes. Most importantly True Core CrossFit is a community of supportive athletes striving to reach new goals of personal fitness. I’m extremely grateful to be a part of this box.

True Core CrossFit is the dream of it’s wonderful owner, Shannon Engleking. I began my CrossFit journey 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 52. Shannon was my coach for my first 6 fundamental classes. I was completely out of shape and wanted to quit many times but her positive, passionate and caring coaching style kept me coming back. Shannon has brought this same approach to her new gym. She has assembled a great staff of coaches that share her passion of making each member better every day.  Come in and try an introductory workout, it just may change your life as it did mine!

Barbell workout class at TrueCore CrossFit in Annapolis, Maryland
Barbell workout class at TrueCore CrossFit in Annapolis, Maryland

For years, I had heard the hype surrounding CrossFit and metabolic conditioning. I did a lot of research and tried a few workouts but kept finding gyms hosting nearly impossible workouts and coaches with no real education in exercise physiology. Even though I heard the merits of CrossFit, I just resigned myself to the belief that I either wasn’t in shape enough to do it or I’d get hurt trying.

On the recommendation of a good friend, I went to meet Shannon and her team of coaches. What I found was truly remarkable. With her Masters in exercise physiology, Shannon brought exercise programming to a level I’d never seen before. Her knowledge and understanding was exceptional and her passion was infectious. Proper technique and form were constantly drilled to massively reduce injury potential. Every coach at her gym has a deep understanding and can provide multiple scaling options when needed. Everything True Core does is about your personal progress and not someone’s ego. And because of the culture Shannon and her coaches have created, True Core is a friendly, encouraging environment where everyone is pulling for your success.

For me, beginning CrossFit at a time of extreme personal stress, it was incredibly helpful for me – not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Today, I have never been in better shape in my life. The best news is that being healthy and fit is so much more than just looking the part. Not only has True Core CrossFit had a huge impact on my physical body (fat loss and muscle gain), but I’m also able to perform at a much higher level. The progress has been unbelievable and as one of the “over 40” crew, my doctor is thrilled with my lab numbers!

I highly recommend Shannon and her team at True Core CrossFit. The personal growth you’ll experience is second to none!

True Core CrossFit represents fitness and wellness with a fantastic sense of community. Shannon (Head Coach/Owner) is a true professional who applies her post-graduate education in Exercise Physiology with her humanistic teaching approach. Her genuine care for each individual member is reflected by the attention that each person gets from the initial professional assessment. True Core CrossFit members enjoy not only effective programming, realistic training goals, and proven methodology, but also a sense of belonging in a tight-knit family. Regardless of fitness goal (be it better movement, weight management, enhanced functional performance, or surpassing military training standards), True Core CrossFit delivers with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. From your initial group class to breaking personal records, the True Core CrossFit family will be there through every milestone of your fitness journey.

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