1 Easy Step to Reaching Your Goals

Consistency is the key to your success. Regardless of the how lofty the training goal seems or how far away from that goal you are, consistency is the leading attribute that will get you across the finish line and looking towards the future. There are three main areas of your training that consistency will pay major dividends.
Consistency in schedule. Nothing happens if you don’t show up. Depending on lifestyle and fitness level, this could look different to each person. Regardless of that, prioritizing the time to show up is the first step. This is going to be hard. You are going to have to show up after a stressful day. You are going to have to show up when you are tired. You are going to have to show up when you are not motivated. You are going to have to show up when you don’t like the WOD. Show Up. The coaches and members of True Core are here to give you that motivation, that shot of energy, that best hour of your day.
Consistency in programming. At True Core we have the luxury of having multiple programs available. We offer separate programming for powerlifting and weightlifting, as well as, our CrossFit programming. Those with targeted goals or movements that they would like to improve on may have supplemental accessory work for that specifically. While this is amazing for our community, it can also be a trap for individuals to fall into. You must pick a program and give yourself to it. Follow it unwaveringly. Bouncing around from program to program, skipping workouts/movements you don’t like, or doing random workouts you saw on Instagram yields no results. Staying consistent in a program is the only way to improve.
Consistency in effort. You have shown up. Check. You are following a program. Check. The last step in improving your training is a consistency in effort. Without focused effort, the timeline to reach a goal just gets longer and longer. Consistency in effort does not mean moving as fast as you can or lifting as heavy as you can every time you are in the gym. Consistency in effort means placing an emphasis on the training stimulus of the workout or the mechanics of a certain movement. In some(most) cases, this will require you to slow down and take some weight off. This is a consistency in your effort to improve. This is a consistency in your effort to reach a goal.
You’re not going to “master” weightlifting, powerlifting, or CrossFit tomorrow. Have patience and play the long game.
-Dr. Aaron Horschig
Have fun and I’ll see you out there.
Coach Danny

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