21 Day Home Program!

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We have so many of you all telling us how much our Virtual Coaching has been helping you. The accountability, the workout flexibility, the support of community, is allowing you all to THRIVE through this! So many of you are getting FITTER then ever before!

A lot of you have also mentioned how you have family/ friends who could really use something to do right now. Loved ones who need something to stay healthy and sane. So we wanted to give you all something to send to your family/friends.

Forward the below description of our 21 Day at Home Program to three friends or family members. The program is totally customizable and can be done anywhere! Even out of state relatives can take part. If you would like to buy it as surprise for them you can click here.

True Core wants to help as many people as possible through this. Our mission is to empower people to lead healthier lifestyles. Right now that means using community & fitness to fight against anxiety, depression, & COVID-19.

True Core 21 Day At Home Program


Built around your fitness level, your schedule & whatever equipment you might have at home. Planned and tracked by our Certified Coaches


Together we’ll make a nutrition plan and we’ll hold you accountable to it.

1-on-1 COACHING.

You’ll be hearing from us almost daily While diet and exercise are important, we will also help focus on your sleep and stress management.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Book a free 30 min intro call with Coach Shannon

2. Talk about your goals so we can build a plan together

3. Start your fitness transformation!

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