WOD + WINE! Community Event!

At True Core we are passionate about community. 

We believe supporting and empowering the local Annapolis community is one of our responsibilities.  As a result, we like to provide fun free fitness opportunities several times a year.

On March 13th we will be hosting WOD + WINE! 

It will be an evening full of fitness, friends, awesome vendors, and wine!

We will do a group workout then spend time afterwards socializing and enjoy other amazing local small businesses! There will be wine and snacks provided!

No CrossFit experience is needed!

The workout will be tailed to ALL levels, so we would love for you to bring any family or friends you would like!

Here are just some of the wonderful local businesses attending:
Rutabaga Juicery
Proformance Rehab + Nutrition
No Matter What Apparel

Click here to sign up!

We can’t wait to make wonderful memories and celebrate the awesome community of Annapolis! See you there!

Coach Shannon

Consistency > Perfection

I want to share a personal story about one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned…. Consistency > Perfection 

A close family friend of mine (pretty much my second father) is 72 years old.  He has spent his life in the backwoods of Maine, raising 4 kids on a fireman’s salary.

When Barry retired, he planned to start a home business as a mechanic. His wife and him spent years designing their retirement house. Even outfitting it with a 3 car garage to support Barry’s dream. However, due to health issues Barry’s hands were left unusable.

Here is a man who spent 25+ years serving others. His family, his community, and even his country during the Vietnam War. And now when it is his turn to enjoy life, a massive curve ball was thrown his way.

The one thing I can always count on Barry for is consistency.  Consistency in his values.  Consistency in his work ethic.  Consistency in selfless nature.

This past summer Barry and I got into one of our deep life reflecting conversations.  I asked him “how did you make it through that? Everything you had spent years planning for vanished! Didn’t that devastate you?”

He simply looked at me and said “Shannon, I want to be remembered for who I was, the kind of human I lived as, not simply for the oil I changed in a car.”

I was speechless, & pretty emotional honestly….

You see no one on this planet is perfect.  No one can REALLY ever live the perfect life. I have witnessed Barry raise his voice, I have witnessed Barry experience disappointment, I might have even seen him eat his fair share of deserts when the doctor advised against it….

But I have also witness that man be one of the most consistent dependable individuals I have ever met.

So is your weight loss journey perfect? Probably not.  Could your WOD time be faster? Possibly.  But do you consistency show up? Do you put effort in? Are you consistently measuring your progress? Then you my friend are wining!

Consistent, imperfect action is the recipe for success: in relationships, in business and in fitness.

Coach Shannon

Because You Love Yourself

We are all very aware of our shortcomings, that’s good. Part of self-acceptance and self-improvement is knowing what we “lack” and what we do not do well. This gives us a goal, it gives us something to work on. Not too many of us are aware of, or acknowledge, our strengths, and progress. We focus on the negative. We push aside how far we have come and only look at far we have to go. We incessantly list all of the things we can’t do while disregarding all of the improvements that we have made. We easily point out body parts that we hate but are hard pressed to acknowledge the parts of our body parts that we love. Stop. Take some time to celebrate yourself.


Self-love is the greatest motivator we have to accomplish our ambitions and it begins with the way you talk to yourself. Start talking to yourself as if your thoughts are projected over a loud speaker. What would you want your family to hear you say about yourself as you look in the mirror? What would you want the rest of the gym to hear you say while practicing a new movement or when you are struggling to finish the WOD? It is ok to acknowledge that things are hard and that there is work to be done. You also need acknowledge how far you have come, how hard you work, and what you are able to accomplish. Compare yourself now to the person you were when you first walked through the doors at True Core. Are we perfect now? No, but no one is. However, we are stronger, healthier, and more badass than we were on that first day and we should celebrate that.


Being mindful of how we talk to ourselves can keep us in a positive mind set, on track with what we want to accomplish, and give us the resiliency to keep pushing when setbacks arise.


Have fun. I’ll see you out there.



Will Crossfit Help with Longevity?

The short answer is YES! According to Crossfit’s founder Greg Glassman “loads and intensity can be modified—or scaled—so the same program can improve fitness with Olympians, grandparents and everyone in between. The principles of the program stay the same, but the application is 100 percent individualized.” Nowhere is that more true than at True Core where we have programs ranging from Crossfit Kids to athletes over the age of 65 in our daily WOD classes.

As shown in the chart below, over 20% of True Core Crossfit’s athletes are over the age of 45.



Rather than inserting my knowledge of how Crossfit allows you to live a longer, more independent, and active life, I decided to reach out to our membership and ask some of our more experienced athletes how Crossfit has helped turn back time.

Elizabeth del Castillo – being strong enough to help my husband lift stuff in the shop or help load things in the truck is fun!  I love not being some weak old lady that can’t help him out.

We love to pick things up and put them down!

Robert Holt – I’ll be turning 60 this year, but I don’t feel it and really think I don’t look it other than the gray hair. (I probably don’t act it Lol). But I think the idea of working out with a younger crowd that pushes me and the workouts that not only pushes my body but my mind has aided in my longevity.   I think the greatest joy is to see my friends started or starting to workout.

Surrounding yourself with a great community helps keep the mind and the body going. Luckily for us Robert keeps the entire gym on their toes and of course he’s got the Old Man Strength!

Seth Wenig — Look I don’t know what the secret to longevity is, what I know is I started working out at 28 and have made it a priority ever since.  I try and do something every day, whether it is crossfit, spin class, or just walking.  It’s most important to move.  My Mom is 82 years old and plays tennis every day.  It keeps her going and youthful.  She never sits.  True Core pushes me in ways that I could have never imagined and the advice from the coaches who have come to know me is spot on.  If they see me going for something that might not get me through the WOD they offer great suggestions and scaling.  So I take my advice from one of the other masters at True Core and I am swimming my own race.

Swim you own race, one that is the right intensity for YOU. If you follow this piece of advice, you will still be moving when you are 82!

Connie Hurley — CrossFit has had a major impact on my health. I’ve lost around 45 pounds, cut my diabetes and cholesterol medication in half. We have four grandchildren under the age of five and my ability to do things with them because of my increased strength and mobility is amazing.

As we age, we can either let our health get the best of us or we can get the best of our health. Crossfit allows us to get and stay healthy for both ourselves and for our loved ones.

Dean Powell — My posture is better. I know how to pick up and lift things and how to sit properly. My body temperature has gone up, which is a good thing. In winters past I have always cold, and that’s no longer the case. That helps me to be more energetic, and I am absolutely less tired, which all together means I am more productive both at work and at home. Finally, because our kids do CrossFit, he is really enjoying more interaction with them over activities that we share.

Staying active impacts all the aspects of our lives.

Dawn Powell — Let’s not kid ourselves…aging is inevitable. I am feeling the effects of being “over the hill”. Less mobility, lest ability, slower thinking, some arthritis and some injury in joints and ligaments and muscles. It is inevitable when you live a long life that you begin to feel the decline that comes with age. However…And that is a big word right there… HOWEVER… There are things we can do to slow that process down and contribute greatly to our health and well-being. True Core has been a tremendous help to me these last two years. I do not have the desire or motivation to push myself to do more in the way of cardio, movement, stretching and strength training by myself. Showing up at True Core is all the motivation I need because after walking in the door, the coaching and the camaraderie among classmates creates an amazing environment to push oneself forward. Over the last 2 years all the things that are beginning to decline have at least stabilized if not improved. My mobility is better. My balance and strength are better. My injuries (rotator cuff and knee) are not requiring surgery. It’s noticeable.

While I contemplated summarizing all of these responses, I do not think I could have said it better myself. At the end of the day, the programming for a 20 year old will mirror that of the programming for a 70 year old, however, the intensity is scaled appropriately. Although Crossfit is not a fountain of youth that stops the process of aging, Crossfit’s ability to teach and strengthen functional fitness will help keep us on our feet as we all continue to fight father time.

Coach Steve

Give Your Best Effort For Today

Expecting to perform every workout to your maximum capacity isn’t realistic. Didn’t get 8 hours of sleep, your performance will struggle. Added stress at your job or home, your performance will struggle. Went as hard as you could for a workout earlier in the week, your performance is probably going to struggle. Beating yourself down every day trying to achieve maximum capacity or to “win” each workout leads to injury, burnout, or at the very least, is a practice with diminishing returns.

Instead, give your best effort for today. Intensity and effort are relative. These not only change from person to, but change each day for each person. Some days you are sore, some days you are tired, and some days you are sore and tired. These will not be PR days. These are the days that your best effort is to go a little slower, and a little lighter (check your ego and scale).  Your best effort is to just make sure that you are moving well. Some days you are well rested, feeling great during warm ups and know that your best effort is to go for that PR.

We are playing the long game here at True Core CrossFit. We want our efforts in the gym to enhance and prolong our lives outside of the gym, never detract. Know that each effort and each WOD will be different, but giving your best effort for that day will always yield the greatest long-term results.

Have fun. I’ll see you out there.

Coach Danny

Mastering the Basics and Finding Virtuosity

We all want to be better. That’s why we are here. We seek out CrossFit to increase our health, happiness, and for a lot of us, our performance. We don’t just want to be better today; we want to be better tomorrow and every day for the rest of our lives. We don’t achieve this by lifting heavy or moving fast at all costs. We get better every day by mastering the basics. We move well before we move heavy or fast. We approach every movement, regardless how simple, with a Mechanics to Consistency to Intensity mindset.


As CrossFit’s founder Gregg Glassman has stated, “Virtuosity is defined in gymnastics as “performing the common uncommonly well.” This is what we want to strive for when we focus on mechanics, which refers to an athlete’s ability to move properly through the movement.  This is the TOP priority before moving to consistency or intensity. Let’s take a squat for example. We cannot expect to succeed in the overhead squat without mastering the fundamentals of the air squat.  Perfecting mechanics isn’t sexy, putting in the work here will set you up for success long term.


This refers to an athlete’s ability to perform a movement multiple times while maintaining proper mechanics. One way to keep proper mechanics while still achieving progress is scaling the load. It is better to maintain consistency at a lighter load than to move a heavy load with poor mechanics. Again, putting in the work at this step will allow for success long term.


Intensity refers to the ability to lift more weight, perform more reps and complete more complex movements in a shorter period of time. This is the end goal, this is what we all love about CrossFit. However, without displaying consistent proper mechanics we can never safely and effectively achieve intensity. Intensity is different for every person. However, achieving intensity if what produces results!

If we strive for virtuosity in all of our movements, consistently perform these movements with good form, we can continue to add intensity and get better every day.

Coach Steve


“Starting is easy. Persistence is an art.”

                                -German Proverb

The Holidays are upon us, the New Year is right around the corner. It’s almost that time when everyone collectively decides to turnover a new leaf and begin cultivating new habits and positive lifestyle changes. Starting these habits and lifestyle changes will be easy, seeing them through is another animal all together. For those us with fitness on the top of our 2020 New Year resolution list, I’m dusting off a past blog for you to reread. For those of you that missed it the first time, this is my early Christmas gift to you. The key to your success in 2020. Are you ready for it? Consistency. That’s it. Nothing more.

Consistency in scheduling. Nothing happens if you don’t show up. Depending on lifestyle and fitness level, this could look different to each person. Regardless of that, prioritizing the time to show up is the first step. This is going to be hard. You are going to have to show up after a stressful day. You are going to have to show up when you are tired. You are going to have to show up when you are not motivated. You are going to have to show up when you don’t like the WOD. Show Up. The coaches and members of True Core are here to give you that motivation, that shot of energy, that best hour of your day.

Consistency in programming. At True Core we have the luxury of having multiple programs available. We offer separate programming for powerlifting and weightlifting, as well as, our CrossFit programming. Those with targeted goals or movements that they would like to improve on may have supplemental accessory work for that specifically. While this is amazing for our community, it can also be a trap for individuals to fall into. You must pick a program and give yourself to it. Follow it unwaveringly. Bouncing around from program to program, skipping workouts/movements you don’t like, or doing random workouts you saw on Instagram yields no results. Staying consistent in a program is the only way to improve.

Consistency in effort. You have shown up. Check. You are following a program. Check. The last step in improving your training is a consistency in effort. Without focused effort, the timeline to reach a goal just gets longer and longer. Consistency in effort does not mean moving as fast as you can or lifting as heavy as you can every time you are in the gym. Consistency in effort means placing an emphasis on the training stimulus of the workout or the mechanics of a certain movement. In some(most) cases, this will require you to slow down and take some weight off. This is a consistency in your effort to improve. This is a consistency in your effort to reach a goal.

You’re not going to “master” weightlifting, powerlifting, or CrossFit tomorrow. Have patience and play the long game.

-Dr. Aaron Horschig


Have fun and I’ll see you out there.


Coach Danny

Why I Became a Coach

Rewind 6 years, I was new to the Annapolis area, I hadn’t worked out regularly since college, and I was lost in the gym. If you would have told me in just a couple of years I would be have been a Crossfit Coach, I would have laughed at you. However, here I am today and Crossfit is entwined into every single aspect of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My coaching journey started much like many other coaches, as an athlete. Throughout my first 18 months of CrossFit, I learned and worked on everything from honing in my air squat to learning how to snatch. After my first box closed, I quickly found another one and almost immediately wanted to get more involved. I got the ball rolling by enrolling in the CrossFit L1 course . While earning my L1 allowed me to coach, a certificate did not make me ready to coach. I still had much to learn and I needed to grow as an individual.

As I began shadowing other coaches, I immediately knew I had a few things to work on. To be honest, coaching transformed me as a person. I have not always been the most confident individual. When I first started coaching that lack of confidence showed. However, if I was going to deliver the level of coaching that was expected, I had to put myself out there. Thanks to the inspiration I draw from every single athlete I come across, I am glad to say I am more confident in every aspect of my life.

Although I work a typical 9-5, my true passion shines when I get to help you all become the BEST version of YOU. When I put that coach’s shirt on, I get excited that I have a chance to help each one of you be better than yesterday. As a coach we get to help you all achieve things that on day one, you didn’t even realize was possible. Believe me when I say, coaches get just as excited about your PRs as you do, if not even more so!

There is no other industry that creates the community that Crossfit does. This community is what has allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to be successful as a coach. This community is what has kept me wanting to learn, kept me wanting to get better, kept me interested in giving my best every single day.  This community is what made me want to be a coach, it has made me the coach and I am today, and it makes me want to be a better coach tomorrow.

Coach Steve

Getting Out of a Rut

Everyone loves hitting a PR. The feeling you get from taking a few seconds off your Fran time or adding 5 pounds to your back squat is truly something to dance about. However, as you get further into training PRs are harder to come by. You can go months without seeing any tangible improvements.  There are a millions reasons why we can hit a training rut, life happens and that is OK! Even though our training can hit a plateau, there is always a way to get out of the hole and keep pushing.

Training plateaus come in a few forms: physical, mental and technical. All of these plateaus have different solutions to help get you back on track and moving forward.


Physical Plateaus    

  • Injury – No one likes sitting on the sideline, but you are not going to be able to train at a high level if you don’t listen to your body. If an injury is keeping you from training, perhaps seek out some professional medical advice and start physical therapy.
  • Strength – Not making any progress on your strength numbers? Taking a step away from the daily WOD and focusing on strength training may actually improve both your WODs and your overall strength. True Core’s barbell club and Coach Sam’s programming is the answer to building a stronger foundation for your fitness.
  • Overtraining – Is your body constantly screaming every time you walk down the stairs, can you not lift up your arms after a heavy shoulder day? Perhaps you are over training. Even professional CrossFit athletes take rest days, you should too!

Mental Plateaus

  • Enjoy the Process- You cannot live and die by PR’s alone. A lot things factor into a PR and one bad day doesn’t mean you aren’t making improvements. Take time to enjoy that you made it to the gym consistently and be excited for the work ahead. Put the workouts you want to avoid at the top of the “to do” list. This will go farther towards a fitter, healthier life, than any short term motivation could offer.

Technical Plateaus

  • Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to leap forward. Are we not popping our hips at the right time in a muscle-up, are we not reaching full extension when we snatch? These are just a few examples of technical mistakes that could be hindering our ability to overcome these movements. Luckily, True Core has specialized classes and coaches that can help work with you to overcome these technical problems.

At the end of the day, I am not guaranteeing you these solutions will lead you to a PR. However, if we put in the hard work, listen to our body, and work on our weaknesses the results will eventually speak for themselves.


Coach Steve