Mindful Minutes

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Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and found some rest & relaxation among the quality time at home.

Today I want to talk to you about mindfulness. About being aware of the present moment you are in.  With all the NOISE of COVID-19 surrounding us, it is so easy to constantly be wired. Constantly be waiting for the next news report. Constantly be tense & anxious.  The toll this takes on our physical bodies AND mental health is intense.

True Core has developed a 21 Day stress management program:
Mindful Minutes 

Each day registered members will receive exercises to help them  decompress. These simple activities will help you process stressors and identify gratitude moments.

Mindful Minutes Includes:
*A daily stress management activity sent directly to you
*Daily coach check-in
*Private Facebook group with other registered members for  support & community
*Weekly guided mediation sessions
*Video check in with Coach Shannon

This program is open to EVERYONE! You do not need to be a member at True Core.  Pass this along to friends, relatives, neighbors, anyone you think could benefit.

For less then $1.75 /day you can get some real guided stress relief, support of community, & a break from the world’s chaos. 

Click HERE to register today!
 We are all this together.

Coach Shannon

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